Make it: Painted Bracelet


This bracelet is so bright, it would give the right pop of color to a sad outfit. The possibilities are infinite. Create your own!
Here is my way of making it:


You will need
– tape (normal tape holder looks fancy, thank you Marc :), but it is just regular tape-no worries)
– belt reinforcer (sewing supply, looks like a ribbon but it is stiff, it is used to put inside belt or skirts belt)
– your favorite paints, of course I went for a neon look with yellow and pink

Now the fun part: apply the tape according to the design you want to get – please, have fun, go horizontal, vertical, diagonal,.. Everything is permited!


Now paint and wait that it is dry to peel the tape – ok I confess, I did not wait more than two minutes.. It is better if you wait



Repeat with another color, or as many as you want



Now that you are done with the painting, you just need to add a closure system. This is the way I did it, but anything would work from velcro to glue




Finished product!!



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