Make it: From curtain to pretty lace dress

I have seen those  lace dresses everywhere for the last couple of months. Those guys can get pricey, so, here is a cheap way of having one in your closet:

1. Buy a good-looking curtain at a thrift store, mine was about 3.99 at Savers (I wish I would have taken a before picture, sorry about that…)

2. Treat it, meaning wash it. I also left it in Clorox for an afternoon, just to make sure the color would be uniform (those curtains are exposed to sun and as a result have a life of their own)

3. Choose (or make) a pattern and add a lining to the dress to avoid the “completely see-through” look..or not…

and VOILA!! done !!

I had some left over of fabric, and I am considering making a cute little skirt, maybe with a step by step tutorial !

Be creative!!




Could have cropped the slipper…












Love it with the blazer

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One thought on “Make it: From curtain to pretty lace dress

  1. Bev. on said:

    Love the dress. Gets better and better. AL! AL! RA,RA, RAAAAAAAAA!!!

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